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Contemplative Buddhist Psychotherapy A blending of Western psychology and Eastern philosophy. Psychotherapy is a place where one can expect a therapist to actively listen.  It can help with any area of life, from depression to relationships.  Working together, we will discover ways to guide you through the difficult times and develop skills to survive everyday life.  I provide a [...]

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Narcissism: Tell me how great I am…

Narcissism for the Masses In the American culture of mass media, we see more people rising to stardom overnight in a phenomena that can be summed up as “All About Me.”  We can flip through the channels and find a reality show where the “star” allows America to see into their “fabulous and exciting” world. [...]

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How meditation changes physical appearance

In a recent month long meditation retreat called a dathun, a photographer takes portraits of the meditators at the beginning and end of the retreat.  The results are surprisingly obvious to see.  The individuals’ facial features appear softer, fuller and healthier.  Check it out and see what you notice about the photos.  Click here to [...]

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Man drinking water
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Still drinking diet soda? Don’t be a fashion victim! | Grist

Apparently,we are being sold the same old carcinogenic sweetener but with a makeover.  The new diet Pepsi is set to make it debut on the runway in Manhatten.  Studies show that the acceptable levels of this synthetic sweetener is way below the daily serving.  It is correlated to strokes and cancer.  Check it out here: [...]

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Peace of Mind
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Mindfulness Meditation, Based on Buddha’s Teachings, Gains Ground With Therapists – NYTimes.com

Mindfulness Meditation is being used by psychotherapists from many different backgrounds.  Beginning in the 70s, psychologists like Jon Kabat-Zinn and Marsha Linehan have done research on the positive affects of meditation on mental health.  Check out the full story here.  Mindfulness Meditation, Based on Buddha’s Teachings, Gains Ground With Therapists – NYTimes.com.

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How Meditation May Change the Brain – NYTimes.com

Meditation produces grey matter in the brain within a short period of beginning to meditate. This affects the meditators ability to control stress, prolong attention span, and cultivates empathic responses to distress in others.

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Beginning of a New Year
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Making Your New Year’s Resolution Last

  A busy Holiday schedule can get in the way of making a Great Resolution… The end of each year prompts many of us to reflect upon what has gone well and what has not.  In order to reflect appropriately, one needs time to really reflect on the past year and consider the goals to [...]

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Dalai Lama
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Dalai Lama emphasized climate change over politics, WikiLeaks reveals | Grist

The Dalai Lama keeps trying to get a foothold in negotiations with the Chinese.  Here is a recent story about how he is bringing environmental issues to the forefront.  Mining and building dams in Tibet has been harmful to the people, environment and spiritual sites.  Read More at Dalai Lama emphasized climate change over politics, [...]

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Old St. Nick
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Holiday Cheer….or Angst?

As adults, we try to maintain the magic of Christmas for the kids, but for most of us it may feel like a chore. Elements of holiday angst are shared by so many people but we rarely talk openly about it. Like the child who has figured out that Santa is not real, we feel obliged to go along with the facade so that no one is uncomfortable with our honesty. Instead, we begrudgingly go through the holiday routine secretly feeling disappointed, lonely and thankful when it’s over. Taking a look at how we feel about Christmas and what we’d like it to be is important.

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Rainbow Lakes, Colorado
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Suffering and the Pain of Change-A Buddhist Perspective

We have a choice when change occurs in our life whether we suffer a little or a lot. There are specific kinds of change we all experience and the more we can accept them when they occur, the less we will suffer.

December 6, 2010 1
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